The Gist: It might not be foolproof, but here are some popular opinions/behaviors when it comes to dates and relationships.

A few days before one of the most important date nights of the year, we take a deep dive into popular opinions on dating. While everyone dates differently, knowing more about popular opinion when it comes to courting habits can’t hurt!

Perhaps as debated as the chicken and the egg, the question of “who foots the bill?” hangs over all first dates–at least until the check comes.

The cash-strapped can breathe a sigh of relief. 51% of respondents think it’s “ok” to split the bill on a first date.

A narrow majority think this practice is okay, but breaking it down by gender and age gives us a clearer picture.

Men are more likely to think splitting the bill on the first date isn’t okay. When it comes to expectations on a cisgender date, this is an interesting wrinkle. It’s not women pressuring a man to pay for dinner or a round of drinks; it’s more likely men putting that expectation on themselves. So fellas, if you’re dying to go dutch, you’re more likely to meet a woman receptive to it than you might’ve thought.

When you break it down by generation, Millennials are most likely to be okay with splitting the bill on a date. Surprisingly, Gen Z-ers are more likely to think a bill shouldn’t be split. Inexperience, or inexpensive dates? You be the judge.

If you’re at a loss of what to do on a first date, we strongly suggest you don’t take your companion to breakfast–only 2% want to meet someone for a first date over flapjacks. You’re better off with a classic dinner or suggesting a meeting over a cup of coffee.

You might have an idea of what to do, or if you’ll split the bill, but still looking for a person to do it with? 42% of US adults (18 & over) have had luck looking into the adjacent cubicle.

If you’re not feeling butterflies from across the watercooler, no worries. A majority of US adults haven’t dated a co-worker and only 2% still are–meaning either one of them moved companies, the pair got married, or they’re experiencing some very awkward office happy hours.

Hoping to hit it off with someone online? Millennials and Gen Xers will have a better chance finding a beau on a dating app. Baby Boomers are less likely to be using an app or to have ever used one.

And if you’re still looking for someone special to do something special with on Valentine’s Day, you’re not the only one.

While it’s not far off, only 17% have a date planned for Valentine’s Day. No pressure if your datebook is empty on the 14th.  


Editor’s Note: This post features data collected from engagement questions. Engagement questions, while high in response rate, do not provide as robust information as our Insight or Profile questions.