While no new major video game consoles were released this fall (unless you count the Nintendo Switch Lite), the holiday season remains a popular time to buy a console — or extra games and gear — for one’s family. 

Given that it was released more than three years after its Xbox One (2013) and PlayStation 4 (2013) competitors, it’s no surprise that the Nintendo Switch (2017) is generating the most interest this Christmas. Nintendo even announced that the last days of November set a single-week record for Switch sales.

What is a bit surprising is the similar level of interest that’s still being generated by the consoles from Microsoft and Sony, both of which are releasing next-generation gaming consoles in time for Christmas 2020.

Of course, parents are one of the main groups purchasing consoles, games, or gear this holiday season: excluding grandparents, 11% of parents will buy Switch consoles or products; Xbox One comes in at 7%; and another 7% will buy a PlayStation 4 or PS4 equipment. 

But a substantial portion of the interest is coming from U.S. adults under the age of 30, who are roughly three times less likely to be parents than those who are older than 30. An impressive 9% of adults under 30 will buy a Nintendo Switch this holiday season; another 7% will buy Switch gear, and an additional 10% aren’t sure.

The numbers aren’t quite as high for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, but they’re still significant.

And it seems that there’s a fair amount of cross-pollination happening between brands in the video game sector. Those who plan to buy Switch consoles or gear are far more likely than others to purchase Xbox or PlayStation stuff as well. In fact, one-third of those buying Switch gear also planned to buy consoles or gear from Sony and/or Microsoft.

Given the correlation between age and Switch interest this holiday season, it’s no surprise that social media use is a strong indicator for whether a person will buy a Switch or Switch gear this holiday season.

While new releases from Microsoft and Sony will make 2020 the year to watch for video game console holiday sales, each company put up a respectable showing against the much-newer Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite for Christmas 2019.