Direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketing was once an ideal retail approach for companies looking to remove the cost of middlemen and build brand loyalty directly with consumers. Covid lockdowns intensified this approach due to increased online shopping and social media usage. However, reports suggest direct-to-consumer is challenging and looks different today because more consumers are shopping in-store, while privacy opt-out features make it more difficult for ad-targeting.

Given the dynamic nature of DTC marketing, retailers need a real-time pulse on their consumers and their competitors. CivicScience took a closer look at two popular direct-to-consumer brands in the sustainable shoe market – Rothy’s and Allbirds – to better understand the consumer behavior of these shoe shoppers. 

Data show that 5% of U.S. adults own Rothy’s shoes and 6% own Allbirds shoes, with roughly 10% uninterested and 5% intenders for both shoe brands. Nearly 8-in-10 consumers are unfamiliar with Rothy’s and Allbirds, showing there’s potential for new customer acquisition. 

Check out these leading insights on both shoe brand users, generated from the CivicScience InsightStore:

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