Vacation season is on the horizon, and as vaccinations continue across the country, Americans are planning to take some time off. In fact, 59% of people will use all their vacation days this year. 

As the data show, 49% – nearly half – of U.S. adults say that the pandemic hasn’t changed their travel plans, compared to last spring (April 2020) when significantly more people either canceled their summer vacation travel or decided not to plan any at all.

However, the oldest and youngest adults are the most aligned when it comes to choosing not to travel. Gen Z is the most likely age group to have canceled previously planned summer vacation travel.

Perhaps not surprisingly, low-income earners are also the least likely to be traveling this summer. Job status as a result of the pandemic shows people who reported working remotely at some point in the last six months are the most likely to say they didn’t have any summer travel planned. Those whose jobs have suffered are the most likely to have canceled any vacation travel.

Where to Go? 

As it stands 41% of U.S. adults plan to travel to a different state for a vacation this summer, while 25% plan to stay within their state. 

And despite the fact that many countries are beginning to open up for vaccinated Americans – or those with a negative PCR test – just 8% plan on vacationing abroad.

This suggests that domestic tourism is likely in for a boom, as many Americans take to the roads and skies to clock out for the summer. 

As the summer months heat up, stay tuned for more insights on travel comfortability and vacationing.