Today, we announced new features to our platform, the InsightStore™, which uses state-of-the-art engineering and machine learning to develop the next frontier of automated tools for today’s consumer insights and research professionals.

Today’s market research professionals are constantly being asked to do more with less. While budgets are stagnant or shrinking, business stakeholders want more meaningful insights, curated and neatly packaged, as fast as possible. Even the slickest do-it-yourself survey and analytics tools can’t keep up with the deluge of business questions coming our way. This new technology is a huge step forward.

Subscribers to the InsightStore™ can run custom research while tapping into nearly 1 Billion syndicated poll responses, thousands of topics, and millions of consumers. To process that amount of information quickly, while generating easy-to-read and share reports, clients need more of the underlying work done for them, leaving them time to interpret the findings and make recommendations.

These new InsightStore™ features will enable insights professionals and other researchers to:

  • Quickly turn research results into executive-ready Powerpoints or PDFs with a single push of a button.
  • Use machine learning to produce fully-written, adaptable, natural language summaries.
  • Examine thousands of potential cross-tabs instantly, while surfacing and ranking the most meaningful insights automatically.
  • Produce CivicScience’s popular DeepProfile™ micro-segmentation report inside the tool directly and easily.
  • Overlay any of hundreds of historical trend questions on one easy-to-read chart to find unexpected correlations.

To request a personalized demo of our platform and new capabilities, please visit: