Awards season is upon us and to kick off the season we will look at the first major awards show- The Golden Globes.  We have information on who will be watching the awards and who people think should carry home a Golden Globe.

First, let’s take a look at who will be watching the awards on January 12th:

29% of Americans are planning to watch the Golden Globe Awards Sunday night. So who exactly is the Golden Globe watcher? We found out who they are, what they like, and how they behave.


  • 27% more likely to live in a city
  •  56% more likely to be single, never married
  • 35% more likely to be female
  • 47% more likely to rent their house/apartment and 85% more likely to still live with mom and dad
  • 63% more likely to be 34 years old and under

Entertainment/Media Consumption:

  • 64% more likely to watch 4+ hours of TV each week
  • Over 3X more likely to go to the movies once a month or more
  • 55% more likely to watch ABC network the most among other major networks
  • 38% more likely to have a Twitter account


  • 71% more likely to be a cat person
  • 93% more likely to get their fashion inspiration from TV/movies
  • 59% more likely to some day want elective cosmetic surgery
  • 53% more likely to love or like to bake
  • 94% more likely to be a tightwad (vs. a spendthrift)


  • 54% more likely to use multiple media devices at the same time daily
  • 53% more likely to be addicted to their digital devices

Now, back to the awards. It was a good idea to have Tina Fey and Amy Poehler come back to host the show this year.  Last year their approval rating was pretty high among those who watched:

Of the people who watched that award show and had an opinion about the hosts, 61% said they loved them, while 19% liked them and 19% didn’t like them.

As you can see, 25% of Americans will tune in before the awards to watch the interviews and fashion on the red carpet.

Now let’s take a look at who should go home with a Golden Globe Award:

The race for Best Drama TV Series isn’t a close race. 36% of people think Breaking Bad will win the Golden Globe. Behind Breaking Bad is Downton Abbey with only 11% of the votes, and in third place is The Good Wife with 7% of the votes. The last two shows on the list are House of Cards with 3% of the vote and Masters of Sex with 2% of the vote.

People think the Golden Globe Award should go to Frozen for The Best Animated Feature Film. Frozen picked up 27% of the vote with Despicable Me 2 close behind with 25% of the vote. The Croods are far behind from the second and first place movies with only 4% of the vote.

American Hustle is in first place and has a 5% lead over The Wolf of Wall Street for Best Motion Picture in the musical or comedy category. Third place is a tie between Her and Nebraska with 2% of the vote each, Inside Llewyn Davis is in last place with only 1% of the vote.

For the last category, Best Motion Picture in the Drama category, 19% of people think 12 Years a Slave will take home the award, followed by 15% of people hoping Gravity wins the award, 9% of the vote for Captain Philips, and only 2% of the vote was for Philomena and Rush.