The Gist: We collect tons of data every day, so we decided to fill a book with it. It’s a fun read packed with intriguing insights that are both useful and silly. You can find the eBook Here.

Every minute of the day, we collect opinions from millions of people across hundreds of diverse websites. In fact, we have so much data that we barely know what to do with it sometimes.

So, we created a book — yes, that’s right, a whole book — of cool consumer insights.

We don’t have a preference for how you use it, be it market research, world domination, or cocktail party banter. We just hope you find the insights as genuinely intriguing as we do.

Here is just a small taste to wet your whistle:

  • People who use Instagram daily are less likely to feed wild animals in their yard.
  • Democrats are nearly 30% more likely than Republicans to cook their steak well-done.
  • 48% of Americans still own vinyl records.

Want more? You got it! Just Click Here.