On Wednesday, May 27, HBO will release its newest streaming service, HBO Max, for $15 / month. But with dozens of streaming services already on the market, who will sign on for another platform?

CivicScience surveyed nearly 3,500 U.S. adults about HBO Max in late May, and found that only a small percentage of Americans say they are “very likely” to sign up for the service. Overall, 12% of U.S. adults expressed some level of interest.

While men and women were equally likely to show interest in HBO Max, those who say they’re at least somewhat likely to sign up skew younger and more urban than others. 

And for many who are interested, HBO Max might be only the latest addition to a long list of streaming services: A large majority (72%) of those who say they’re at least somewhat likely to subscribe say they already have at least three streaming services as of right now.

This group is more passionate about movies in general than the general population.

With HBO Max slated to air a number of original shows and movies, it’s interesting to note that the network’s target audience feels very strongly about product placement as a form of advertising.

While HBO Max does not appear as though it will enter the ‘streaming wars’ with as much of a splash as, say, Disney Plus, it has garnered interest among young movie buffs who aren’t afraid of adding another subscription to their list.