CivicScience is continuing to monitor how consumers plan to handle holiday shopping this year as the clock ticks down to the final stretch. One new dynamic likely to make an impact on gift shopping this season is the emergence of TikTok Shop, which CivicScience has also been tracking. How much of a role does this new method of social media shopping play in holiday shopping?

According to new CivicScience data, 5% of U.S. adults report they have already shopped for a holiday gift via TikTok Shop, with another 5% saying they haven’t done so yet but plan to at some point. The vast majority of consumers (90%), however, either say they don’t plan to do any gift shopping through TikTok Shop or don’t use the service altogether. TikTok Shop users are more than twice as likely to have shopped or plan to shop on the social media platform (11% and 11%, respectively). Unsurprisingly, the percentage of TikTok Shop holiday shoppers also spikes among Gen Z adults aged 18-24, TikTok’s core user base.

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One particularly noteworthy trend in the TikTok Shop gift-shopping data is the appeal to infrequent or light social media users. The majority (66%) of those intending to buy gifts via TikTok Shop scroll through social media less than two hours a day, while the majority of people who have already made purchases spend more than two hours daily.

Similarly, TikTok gift buying is also proving an attractive option to those who don’t typically make purchases on their phone. In fact, as many as 21% of those who have already found gifts on the platform claim they ‘never’ make smartphone purchases. Moreover, nearly 2-in-5 prospective TikTok Shop holiday gift shoppers make between 0-5 smartphone purchases per year. 

Three more insights to know about TikTok Shop Holiday Shopping Intenders:

  • They’re far more likely to say they’re spending ‘more’ for holiday gifts this year compared to last year.
  • Intenders are most likely to be shopping for gifts related to food and cooking (29%), clothing and accessories (20%), and home and outdoor goods (18%).
  • Those planning to use TikTok Shop for gifts are four times more likely to be QVC shoppers.

While it is clear TikTok Shop still has much ground to gain as a means for holiday shopping, it’s important to consider that the service has only been live since September. Even still, younger Americans have so far been receptive to utilizing TikTok Shop to find holiday gifts, and the platform is attracting consumers that don’t regularly make purchases on their phones or spend a lot of time on social media. Brands would be wise to consider a presence on the platform as awareness and usage expands. 

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