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Nike has long been a leader in the running shoe category, however, recent reports suggest the shoe giant is losing its edge. During Nike’s Q4 earnings call last week, the company revealed an unexpected sales decline and revised its revenue outlook for 2025. Executives attributed some of these challenges to underinvesting in the running category, which allowed competitors like Hoka and New Balance to gain market share. 

CivicScience data also predicted that Nike could lose market share in the running category. Tracking data show that Adidas started 2024 at the top, with 39% of consumers ‘somewhat’ or ‘very’ likely to purchase a pair of Adidas running shoes in the next month, slightly higher than the 38% who intended to buy from Nike. 

Moving into the end of Q1 and the start of Q2, Nike closely competed with New Balance, which CivicScience labeled as a “brand to watch” late last year. By May, the percentage of consumers intending to buy New Balance eclipsed those planning to buy Nike, which continues to lose market share into July.

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So, how can Nike regain its foothold in the running shoe category? CivicScience’s database of over 500K crossable questions provides insight into how Nike can win over running customers from its biggest competitor: New Balance.

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