Recent CivicScience data reveal that 60% of U.S. adults plan to celebrate Christmas in person and 12% have purchased a flight ticket for holiday travel. Many of these people will visit family and friends, while others will take their families on much-needed vacations. 

Regardless of holiday plans, many are planning on binge-watching movies and TV shows. To learn more about how many people are planning to binge-watch during the holidays, where they plan to watch, and what they want to watch, continue reading.

How Many Streamers Will Be Binge-Watching This Year Compared to Last Year?

According to a recent CivicScience study, 20% of U.S. adult poll respondents said they are ‘very likely’ to binge-watch streaming content over the 2022 holidays (n=3,137). This figure is up by two percentage points from last year’s numbers.

Overall the findings revealed that 44% of people are not planning to binge-watch during the holidays in 2022, while 46% said the same in 2021. However, even though there is only a marginal uptick in viewing patterns, more people are likely to binge-watch streaming content during the holidays. 

Moreover, even though the pandemic has affected our lives differently in 2021 than in 2022, viewing trends have changed since last year and binging holds strong. 

Though younger adults are more likely to binge-watch than their older counterparts this holiday, binge-watching likelihood spans generations. More than half of all adults under age 55 are at least ‘somewhat likely’ to binge-watch this holiday, with the youngest adults (aged 18-24) showing the highest likelihood (33% say they’re ‘very likely’ to.) Even among adults 55 and older, more than 30% report they’re at least ‘somewhat likely’ to binge-watch this holiday.

What Types of Content Are Bingers Most Likely to Watch?

With numerous new and returning television series and movies coming out over December, it’s unsurprising that most people want to binge what they haven’t yet seen. 

Among those ‘very likely’ to binge-watch this holiday, new movies and TV shows top the list for viewing plans (50% and 66%), followed by holiday movies (42%). While in the minority, about a third of ‘very likely’ bingers plan to re-watch movies or shows.

Which Streaming Platform Are Users Most Likely to Use to Binge Watch?

There are some streaming platforms that people like more than others – especially when it comes to binge-watching movies and television series during the holidays. CivicScience streaming platform user data shows that similar percentages of users plan to binge-watch this holiday, with Peacock and Hulu users the most likely to binge-watch, followed by Paramount+ users. And, Netflix and Amazon Prime users are the least likely to binge over the holidays

Ultimately, the data indicate that binge-watching during the holidays is still strong this year, and even though more people plan to gather with others, binge-watching has a seat at the table.

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