Earlier this morning, U.S. news outlets reported that Adidas formally terminated its partnership Ye (a.k.a Kanye West) in the wake of his recent anti-semitic comments and behavior. A representative survey of 4,709 U.S. adults conducted in the hours since the announcement found clear, if not universal, support for Adidas’ decision.

In all, 60% of Americans agree with the move, with 52% who strongly agree. This is compared to 21% who disagree, 13% strongly so. Eighteen percent of respondents reported having no strong opinion. Women and respondents age 55+ were the most likely to support the decision.

There were also clear differences along political lines. Eighty-four percent of Democrats agreed with Adidas’ decision, compared to 57% of Independents, and 37% of Republicans. Republicans were the lone group to disagree with the move, on balance, with 39% saying they did not support the decision. 

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