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As the latest installment of CivicScience’s brand comparison series, which analyzes key differences among brands by leveraging the unexpected insights in the InsightStore™, CivicScience examines the two largest beauty brands: Estée Lauder vs. L’Oréal.

Recent reports show that the two conglomerates – consisting of the leading makeup, skincare, and fragrance brands – have had nearly equivalent share prices from pre-pandemic to early 2023. However, since then, share prices have sharply diverged, with L’Oréal share prices up 33% and Estée Lauder’s down 65% in 2024.

This diversion is also prevalent in CivicScience’s data. As of January, 36% of U.S. adults are favorable to L’Oréal, which is seven points higher than the 29% of Americans who are favorable to Estée Lauder. A closer look at these consumers using the InsightStore™, CivicScience’s database of over 500K crossable questions, uncovers key similarities and differences among these beauty customers – check them out in our infographic:

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