As conversations around gender continue to evolve, so do sentiments toward gender-neutral toys. And given the focus on toy purchases during the holiday season, CivicScience polled 2,980 U.S. adults to understand where they stand on gender-neutral toys this year. 

As it stands, 20% of Americans have some interest in purchasing gender-neutral toys this holiday. This figure is up five percentage points from last year’s report, suggesting that interest may be slowly and steadily on the rise. 

Perhaps not surprisingly, those who are likely to purchase gender-neutral toys this holiday season are the most likely to already have experience with them. So, purchasers may simply be sticking to buying patterns that are already a normalized part of their lives. 

It’s worth noting women are more likely than men to buy gender-neutral toys, as are adults who do not have children. However, when it comes to parents, those with children 3-5 years old – the ages around when children become aware of gender – are the most likely to buy gender-neutral toys. This is followed by those with children 0-2 years old and 6-11 years old. 

So where are Americans opening their wallets for gender-neutral toys? The data show it’s most often on big-box store websites, with 56% of those shopping online at stores such as Target or Walmart expressing an interest in gender-neutral toys.  

But it isn’t just about the store; in many cases, it’s also about the brand. This year, data show that those who are shopping for Disney brand toys are the most likely to purchase gender-neutral toys. This is followed by those shopping for Fisher-Price, Hasbro, Lego, and Mattel.  

And with gender-neutral toy shoppers prepared to spend anywhere from $50-$150, it’s clear that consumers are prepared to drop substantial cash for toys that align with their values. 

So while those purchasing gender-neutral toys are still in the minority, increased interest this year may indicate that the demand for toys designed for all children – regardless of their gender – is only just getting started.  

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