At-home workouts have taken on a new life during the pandemic, and on-demand guided workouts have been one of the many options that have Americans breaking a sweat. To better understand current sentiment towards these types of workouts, which include brands such as Aaptiv, Peloton, and Asana Rebel, CivicScience took a look at Americans’ experiences, usage, and intentions when it comes to guided fitness. 

As the data show, 8% of U.S. adults have either used or intend to use on-demand, guided workouts. Still, 43% have never heard of these opportunities.

When asked more specifically about interest in interactive exercise equipment, the data show 16% of U.S. adults have some level of desire to give these a try.

As for interactive fitness mirrors specifically, while 3% of U.S. adults have used and liked them, 6% are interested, suggesting a potentially growing market for at-home exercise tech. 

A Peek at Peloton 

While there are many interactive exercise options, Peloton stands out as one of the most easily recognizable, with 73% of Americans aware of the brand. Currently 3% have tried a bike, while 6% plan to do so. 

While Peloton may have wide brand recognition, it comes with a hefty price tag. And as the data confirm, income does play a role in ownership and intent to own. 

Right now, those who make the most money are the most likely to have used or intend to try a Peloton. That said, interest remains high amongst middle income earners as well. 

High earners, and those who already have experience with a Peloton, are also the most concerned about brand name, perhaps contributing to the hype that surrounds the Peloton label. 

However, it’s worth noting that among those who are planning on getting a Peloton, brand and price are more equally important when making a purchase.  

Lastly, Peloton users over-index in their use of online, interest-free payment programs such as Affirm, Afterpay, and the like. And, people who plan on getting a Peloton bike show the greatest likelihood to use these apps. When it comes to interactive exercise equipment and fitness subscriptions overall, U.S. adults who are most interested also show the greatest experience with online payment programs as well as intent to use them.

As it stands, interactive workouts with at-home equipment are on a steady incline, and offering payment plans will likely boost ownership significantly, especially while the social impact of the pandemic persists.