We’re still about ten to eleven months out from the release of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Sony’s PlayStation 5, which are slated to hit the shelves in time for the 2020 holiday season. 

But with gamers eagerly keeping track of each and every leak and announcement about the two new consoles as they slowly trickle out, CivicScience took the time this January to survey enthusiasm for the gaming systems among more than 1,600 Americans age 13 and up.

Right now, Sony’s upcoming console has the edge over Microsoft’s offering:

But how do the potential user bases of each console differ, and in what ways are they similar?

Demographically speaking, there are not many differences. For example, the age and income of the average Xbox Series X enthusiast are almost identical to those of the PlayStation 5 faithful. 

However, it appears that the PlayStation 5 may attract a somewhat more diverse user base – in a few different ways. First, the average PS5 fan is far more likely to be female; second, the PS5 potential user base seems to be somewhat more racially diverse, with the system appealing more to Hispanic respondents in particular.

PlayStation 5 fans also play video games in general more often than Xbox Series X fans, with nearly half of the PS5 crowd playing video games on a daily basis.

However, probably to Microsoft’s great delight, Xbox fans are much more willing to shell out large amounts of cash to buy video games and gaming accessories each year. 

While the top-line numbers show that Sony has so far captured the interest of more gamers in the Great Console Wars of 2020, only time will tell. And, when it comes time to buy the consoles themselves, Microsoft fans may turn out to be more willing to spend big on consoles, games, and gear in the 2020 holiday season.