As an Android user, I seem mostly to be an outlier in the recent data insights generated by one of our advisors, who used our InsightStore data to compare iPhone and Android users across a number of attributes. I’m female, I’m in a management role, and I’m in marketing. However, I can say I am significantly less “addicted” to my Android device than my iPhone carrying-husband and step-daughter. (And I do like a stiff drink now and then…)

Our advisor Todd Hixon’s report, published on today titled “What Kind of Person Prefers an iPhone?”, dives into some key areas of distinction between these two user camps in aggregate. Who would have thought car ownership and alcohol consumption would be among the chief differences?

When you compare his report to past analysis we have done, you will notice that some characteristics of these consumers are not really changing over time, while some may be worth paying more attention to (such as age and interest areas).