Small Business Saturday, which follows Thanksgiving and Black Friday, is a day dedicated to supporting and celebrating small businesses across the United States. This day is hugely important because it gives these small businesses the opportunity to compete with big retailers and expansive e-commerce stores.

But are U.S. adults even interested in shopping at small businesses? The answer, it seems, according to a CivicScience study, is yes: just under half (45%) of Americans are at least somewhat likely to shop Small Business Saturday this year, with only about a third (36%) not at all likely to.

Almost a fourth (23%) of those between the ages of 25 and 34 report being very likely to shop Small Business Saturday this year. This is contrasted with the only 10% and 11% of those very likely to shop Small Business Saturday from the 18 – 24 and 55+ age groups respectively.

Americans who expect to spend about the same or more this holiday season than the last are the most likely patrons of Small Business Saturday, making up the majority (72%) of those very likely to support small businesses on the day. 

Those who are already thinking about and preparing for the holiday season are twice as likely to shop Small Business Saturday when compared to those who are not thinking about the upcoming festivities at all. In fact, more than a third (36%) of those gearing up for the holidays are very likely to be shopping Small Business Saturday.

To end on a fun note, there also seems to be some kind of correlation between drinking oat milk and how likely someone is to shop Small Business Saturday this year. Sixteen percent of Americans very likely to be a patron of small businesses on the holiday are fans of oat milk, more than three times that of those who are unlikely shop the holiday.

Overall, with almost half of U.S. adults planning to shop at small and locally owned businesses this Small Business Saturday, we expect the holiday to go off with a bang.