Each year consumers get more irritated with the holidays creeping in, wishing more stores followed the lead of retailers who boldly shut its doors on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. However, each year without fail, consumers show up in droves for Black Friday deals and fill up their shopping carts on Cyber Monday. In fact, the Thanksgiving holiday weekend seems to jump start holiday shopping for many.

This year, during the week before Thanksgiving (11/16/2016 to 11/23/2016) 45% of adults had started their holiday shopping. Last year, the number of consumers who started shopping the week before Thanksgiving was slightly higher at 47%.

In the days after Black Friday and Cyber Monday (11/24/2016 to 11/29/2016), 58% of adults say they have started their holiday shopping, which is exactly in line with last year’s number. As you can see from the trending data, the number of people who have started their shopping inches up close to 61% when looking at this week (11/27/2016).

Trendline data of holiday shopping progress

Overall, shopping progress is in line with last year’s numbers. But considering shopping was slightly behind last year’s numbers prior to Thanksgiving, it’s probably safe to assume that this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales will be/have been a success. As much as consumers complain and agree with the boycotting of holiday whoopla, that doesn’t mean they are going to give up the shopping craziness that seem to make the holidays… well, feel like the holidays.