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Not As Many People Plan to Buy Themselves a Gift This Year

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The gift giving season is almost upon us. And while purchasing for family and friends may be top of mind, many Americans may also be considering purchasing a gift for themselves. 

Last year, 31% of U.S. adults were planning on buying themselves a gift. This year, that percentage has dropped to 24%, with 19% still unsure of what they’ll ultimately do. 

Although the overall percentage of those buying gifts for themselves has decreased, those who will be buying themselves something plan to spend under $100. 

Income is one of the clearest factors that could impact an individual’s choice of whether or not to buy themselves a gift. The data reflects this, as those most likely to buy themselves a holiday gift are also making the most money and are still working their job as usual (or more) as a result of the pandemic. 

The Role of Relationships 

Relationship status is also a factor for those choosing to purchase a gift for themselves. As the data show, singles–who have at least one less person to buy for than those in a relationship–are the most likely to be purchasing a gift for themselves this year. 

As to what they’ll be purchasing, luxury designer items and physical pampering top the list. 

In-Person or Online? 

Despite a focus on online shopping this year, those purchasing for themselves will most likely be showing up in-store, as comfort levels are highest for an in-person shopping experience amongst these respondents.

So while buying a gift for oneself may be a less common occurrence this year, a substantial number of Americans still plan to do so. And when they do, they’ll be sticking to a lower budget, focusing on a few specific items and completing their shopping in person.

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