Concurrent with the rise of online sports betting has been the ascendance of online casinos – not free-to-play apps that simulate casino games, but actual online casinos where players can bet real money on games of chance like blackjack, slots, and roulette.

A recent CivicScience survey shows that about 13% of U.S. adults ages 21+ have tried their hands at online casinos, and another 7% plan to. Interestingly, though, a majority of those who’ve used these apps didn’t like the experience.

And it seems that online casino users are willing to put fairly large sums of money into the apps. Most users have bet more than $100 altogether, and a substantial percentage have wagered $500 or more total.

Slots are the most popular online casino game, with poker and blackjack close behind.

Those who’ve visited a casino in person within the past year are much more likely than others to have used or intend to use online casino apps – but there’s still room for more growth with this demographic, since they’re also less likely to have heard about these apps.

Compare the age range of in-person casino users and online casino users.

And it’s no surprise that online sports bettors are also more likely to have used online casinos, given that many online casinos are attached to sports betting apps. But still, for nearly half of all online sports betting app users and intenders to have also used online casinos is pretty impressive.

Cryptocurrency investors are much more likely to use online casinos than others – and more than twice as likely to use online casinos as the general population. Interestingly, there is a substantial proportion of crypto investors who still aren’t aware of online casinos.

City residents are also more likely to have used or intend to use online casino apps than suburbanites or rural Americans, but not overwhelmingly so.

The profile of the average online casino user is a young, urban adult who also bets on sports and invests in cryptocurrency. While the industry is growing quickly – and still has growth potential, based on changing state laws around gambling – online casino operators should take note of users’ mixed reviews of the product. CivicScience will keep an eye on this space as it continues to expand.