If you’ve learned even a little bit about us up until now, you know that we source our massive, dynamic pool of consumer insights data through an extended network of partnerships with web and app publishers. Those publisher partners use our polling solution at no cost in exchange for gaining access to the data collected from their audience — and they can turn that data into intelligence to improve their business.

Recently, we had the opportunity to learn of one such publisher — GoErie.com (the website for The Erie Times-News), who is currently in a geographical market not served by Nielsen Scarborough and had difficulty getting market research data. The folks at GoErie.com told us how they are leveraging CivicScience data in a pretty sophisticated way and as their primary market research resource, to impact multiple areas of their business:

  • Their ad sales team strategically uses the data to provide insights to prospective and existing advertisers. In many of their advertiser presentations, they are citing CivicScience data collected from GoErie.com.
  • Their editorial team likes to use our polls for collecting fast opinion data from their audience about headlines and feature topics, and credits the polls for improving their site’s stickiness.
  • They also run specific poll questions on their Customer Service/Support pages to get a better feel for their paying customers’ thoughts on products, service levels, and other topics.

We’re so grateful to the team at GoErie.com for sharing this feedback with us and for making available a case study for all to learn more about their thought leadership in leveraging audience insight intelligence.

Read the GoErie.com Case Study Here

Publisher case study - GoErie.com and CivicScience