The Gist: With over a third of Americans mad about the cancellation of “Roseanne”, the sitcom may still have a lot of watchers if the show gets picked up by another streaming service or a major network.

“Roseanne” drew in audiences for its working-class charm and homey feel in the 90s, bringing the same viewers back—and even gaining new ones—in its recent revival. Everything changed with Roseanne Barr’s recent middle-of-the-night Twitter rant.

While we won’t touch on Barr’s tweet, we will look into what came next when ABC swiftly responded by canceling her namesake sitcom.

Both applause and backlash in response to the show’s cancellation have been pouring out from every corner of the internet. But where do people stand overall? Should another network take hold of the sitcom?

While more people—47%—agree with ABC’s decision, a solid 37% disagree with the cancellation. 16% are on the fence.

Removing those who answered “I’m not sure” below:

We’d be remiss if we didn’t cross this with political party. Everything is about politics now, whether you want to believe it or not. Roseanne Barr is a political enigma of sorts—though we know that Republicans disproportionally tuned in for the premiere and wanted to continue watching—people from all backgrounds and political stances watched the show in the 90s and today. The recent results are just as interesting, reiterating that politics is impacting everything:

While just under half of the respondents who agree with the cancellation are unsurprisingly Democrats, 17% are Republicans and 34% are Independent. In the “Disagree” column, we’re seeing over half identify politically as Republicans but 37% Independent and a small percentage Democrat (7%).

What else?

With some fans of the show being disappointed about its cancellation, some have suggested another network should pick up where ABC left off. If a network should consider picking this up, it’s worth noting that when comparing them to the general population, Netflix users are more likely to say they agree with ABC’s decision to drop the show, perhaps not making them the right candidate.

Wherever you stand, we’re tracking these fast-breaking news items as quickly as possible, because we can. And whatever happens next with the “Roseanne” sitcom-turned-true-life-saga, we will give you the latest on what everyday people think about it.