Now that many Americans have had some time quarantined with their stockpiled pantries, CivicScience checked in to see who was running low on key items, and who was still trying to boost personal inventory of necessities.

In the last week, 32% of U.S. adults reported they are running low on fresh food.


Grocery delivery services are overwhelmed with requests leaving some consumers waiting days to receive their online orders. In fact, only 30% of consumers who tried to order groceries said they didn’t have any problems placing an order or receiving their delivery on-time.

And while people watch their fresh food deplete and grocery deliveries delay, they don’t seem to be flocking to food delivery apps any more than they were before.

Although perishables was the most depleted item for consumers, the most troublesome to find items were toilet paper and paper towels. Fifty percent of consumers 18 or older said they have been looking for these essential paper products, but are having trouble finding them.

Oddly, when asked if they were running low on either of the two, only 22% of Americans actually said they were. Clearly the demand for essential bath and cleaning products remains strong, even among people who aren’t quite running out yet.

At this time, the majority (91%) of Americans said they are set with the amount of medicine, frozen foods, alcohol, and dry goods on their shelves. As quarantine continues, demand for these items is likely to shift, and CivicScience will be able to anticipate any slight changes and what the repercussions might be.