CivicScience observed that 23% of food delivery service users say they’re using them more due to COVID-19. That number hasn’t budged since last week, however those that reported they are using them “less” have decreased slightly (one percentage point).

Interestingly, the number of people who say they’re using them more is nearly the same as people using them less (24%).

When comparing changes in food delivery habits with coronavirus concern, we observe the same trend we’re seeing in online grocery delivery. Those who are using food delivery less or more often due to COVID-19, respectively, are the most concerned about being in public spaces right now. What can be gleaned from this is people are taking social distancing / not interacting with the public in two different ways. One where delivery prevents people from interacting with the public well enough, and another where even interacting with a delivery person may be too risky in some people’s eyes.

This shows up in the overall CivicScience food delivery service question. Use of apps like Grubhub, Postmates, Seamless, etc. has actually declined a bit since last week overall. While 22% of the adult population said they used these apps for the past two weekly readings, this week that number has dropped to 19% four days in.

A more positive note is that among people who are getting takeout delivered, 64% say they are tipping the drivers more than they usually would right now.

Likelihood of tipping more goes up with age, as life stage and income likely play a role.

It remains to be seen how food delivery habits continue to be affected by COVID-19. This study will be posted weekly to check in.