It’s no surprise that CivicScience data show that Americans’ levels of stress are still running high after the coronavirus pandemic. So, people are taking matters into their own hands. Acts of self-care, “revenge travel,” and splurging of all kinds are hallmarks of U.S. consumerism right now. Nowhere has this trend been more evident than in the beauty and cosmetics industry. Through all the ups and downs of quarantines, supply chain disruptions, and inflation, the beauty category keeps growing, quarter after quarter.

On this episode of The Dumbest Guy in the Room, host John Dick welcomes Ulta Beauty CEO Dave Kimbell. John and Dave discuss how the pandemic changed the way Ulta customers think about beauty products, Ulta’s wildly successful partnership with Target, their investments in minority-owned beauty startups, corporate leadership, and the very best way to eat ketchup with a basket of fries.