By the time December 26th rolls around, many Americans are dealing with holiday burnout. After all, it’s the culmination of a whirlwind month of shopping, sales, and advertising — not to mention decorating, gift-wrapping, and cookie-baking. 

But if one can muster up the willpower needed to head out to stores on the day after Christmas, there are usually some pretty good deals to be had. 

According to a recent CivicScience survey of nearly 2,400 U.S. adults, it turns out that a large number of Americans are interested in taking advantage of the post-holiday sales this year:

First, a few demographic trends are at play here: women are more likely than men to express interest, and those who live in cities and suburbs are more likely to be interested. Household income was not a major factor: those who earn more than $150,000 per year were almost exactly as likely to go post-holiday bargain-hunting as those who earn less than $50,000 per year. A deal is a deal. 

Age was another interesting factor. Interest levels were fairly even across generations, with one big exception: Baby Boomers are extremely uninterested in post-holiday sales relative to other age groups.

Interestingly, one’s fashion sense is a big indicator of whether they’ll be interested in holiday sales. Of the 14% of U.S. adults who say they’re “very interested” in post-holiday sales, nearly half (44%) say they follow fashion trends at least “somewhat closely.” That’s 52% higher than the percentage of fashion followers in the Gen Pop (29%).

For further evidence that fashionistas are driving the post-holiday sales market, note that those who are favorable to fast-fashion outlet H&M are by far the group in our database most attracted to these sales. Only 15% of H&M shoppers say they’re “not interested.” Interest in post-holiday sales grows hand-in-hand beside favorability toward other clothing retailers as well, notably Old Navy and Target.

Consumer tech seems to be another area where shoppers turn to post-holiday sales to get the best deals on the latest gadgets. Those who are “very interested” in post-holiday sales are also much more likely than others to follow the latest trends in technology. 

Whether it’s fashion or tech, the trendiest among us are clearly going to be out and about in the days after Christmas, looking to nab the next big thing at a lower price.