The infamous QVC — a channel after my own heart. A place where you can find the newest products along with the oldest forms of salesmanship. Something about it just gets you to buy.

Similar to other brands we’ve written about, there are many traits you probably assume to be true about QVC Fans. Some of those assumptions may be correct. Let’s take a look at some of those expected insights, but more importantly, the unexpected ones.

1) Let’s start with something that you might not guess: They love veterans. We found that QVC fans are more likely to be concerned with the state of Veteran Affairs in the U.S. When I did a quick google search to see if there may be anything behind this correlation, all that popped up was QVC’s extensive Veteran’s Day Sale. So, I’m not quite sure how to explain this one, as age doesn’t seem to be a main factor either.

QVC Fans are more likely to be concerned about veteran affairs in the U.S.

2) Next, let’s take a look at something you probably did know. Women are more likely to be fans of QVC. In fact, they make up 69% of all QVC fan responses.

3) QVC fans are more likely to be fans of all TV, but especially travel, home and cooking TV shows, along with sitcoms and dramas. They are also more likely than everyone else to watch over 6 hours of TV a day.

4) Given their preference for TV drama, it makes sense that QVC fans are more likely to be Tyler Perry fans. Yes, Tyler Perry AKA Madea. If you haven’t seen his movies now is the perfect time to start. The new Madea movie, Boo! A Madea Halloween, will be released tomorrow.

QVC Fans are more likely to like Tyler Perry

5) In addition to those preferences, they are more likely to be fans of ABC and CBS. Given these networks’ TV lineup, this also comes as no shocker. Drama isn’t just what they watch. It’s who they are.

6) They love to shop – and it doesn’t matter where. We found that they are more likely to shop at nearly every store, from Saks Fifth Avenue to the Gap. It may come as no surprise, then, that they are less likely to be price-conscious. As an interesting side note, however, they tend to be less wealthy than non-fans. That doesn’t seem to stop them.

7) They can shop in multiple languages. QVC Fans are more likely to speak more than one language. In fact, 27% of them can speak 2 or more languages fluently. For reference, that’s on the high end of the national average.

8) QVC fans are more likely than non-fans to donate to religious charities. In addition, they are more likely to donate anywhere from $1 to $500 to these charities each year. I, too, found G-d through accessories.

9) They’re Yankees. Darn Yankees. QVC fans are more likely to live in the U.S Northeast. Given the rapidly changing and moody temperatures up here, it makes sense that fans constantly need to re-stock on clothes and accessories. I empathize, QVC fans.

10) Lastly, they are more likely than non-fans to love, or at least like, Chipotle. You might think that an accidental burrito splash on a new outfit would be of concern to them, but you would be wrong. If you didn’t assume that – stay safe. Keep at least 3-6 inches from a Chipotle burrito when wearing any sort of clothing. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

QVC Fans are also Chipotle Fans

So, there you have it – some quirky insights about everyone’s favorite shoppers. As shown, these fans are much more dynamic than many people give them credit for.

As for QVC, the company has been making great strides to fight breast cancer – something that we greatly admire. We applaud the company for its work to find a cure.