The fast-casual Mexican restaurant industry is extremely popular and highly competitive. While many companies like Qdoba and Baja Fresh are vying for top-taco status, the clear leader in the US is Chipotle. Recently we looked at some of the most common traits among Chipotle’s biggest fans. As you would expect, they are 209% more likely than other consumers to say Mexican food is their favorite. But it might surprise you to learn that they are highly health-conscious consumers. They’re 21% more likely to read the nutritional information on the food they buy. They’re also big sports fans, a full 3X more likely to watch sports TV the most among other genres. And, they’re a quite technically-savvy group. Chipotle lovers are 87% more likely to use Twitter and 54% more likely to own a smart-phone. Here are some other useful ways to pick out a Chipotle fan in the crowd:

  1. They are 70% more likely to typically order a latte, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Mocha, or other espresso blend at a coffee shop.
  2. They are 54% more likely to say their purchases, where they eat, and the TV shows or movies they watch are most influenced by comments or recommendations they see on social media, vs. ads on TV or the internet.
  3. Chipotle lovers are 26% more likely to eat fast food once a week or more.
  4. They are 107% more likely to say brand is important when shopping for food.
  5. They are 60% more likely to say they don’t eat healthier because they don’t have enough time or it’s too much work.
  6. Chipotle fans are 38% more likely to belong on social networking sites.
  7. Chipotle fans are 50% more likely to say they frequently buy locally grown food to help the environment.
  8. They are 124% more likely to say their family frequently buys organic food to help the environment.
  9. They are 33% more likely to say Alton Brown is their favorite male Food Network personality.
  10. Chipotle fans are 117% more likely to say ABC has the best weeknight programming.
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