When you think of Nike Fans, and when you think of Dr. Martens fans, the same image probably doesn’t come to mind. Nike fans tend to be those concerned with exercise, and Dr. Martens fans? Well, they care about how they look. Maybe that’s true, and maybe it isn’t. We found many interesting differences between these two groups, like that Nike fans are more likely to drink brown spirits, and Dr. Marten fans are more likely to drink clear spirits. However, we also found just as many characteristics that tie them together. The average Nike fan and Dr. Martens fan may not be as different as you think.

1) Nike fans aren’t the only sports fans. Both Nike and Dr. Martens fans more likely to closely follow the NBA and college basketball. Who would have thought that?


2) They are both more likely to be under 18 years old. Maybe this is because, at such a young age, health, fitness, and looks are highly valued, and these two brands promote both. That seems likely, as we found that both groups value health and fitness.

3) They’re early-adopters. Both Nike fans and Dr. Martens fans are more likely to try new products before other people. What this means is that both Nike and Dr. Martens have captivated a great group of customers, and one that can influence others.

4) They’re both smokers. Both groups are more likely to smoke cigarettes… interesting. You’d think that because both groups value health and fitness, that they would be less likely to smoke – but that isn’t the case. Because they are also more likely to choose clothing based on social media, maybe their friends influence other behaviors as well.


5) Picture this – a jogger with their headphones in, strolling through Central Park with their Nike shoes. Or maybe that cool kid down the street sitting on their stoop, rocking a pair of Cherry Red Vegan Dr. Martens in the Village. All of this is a corny roundabout way of saying, Nike Fans and Dr Marten Fans are more likely to live in cities.  Yes, cherry red vegan Dr. Martens Boots (what a mouthful) exist – and yes, you should buy them.

6) Lastly, although they live busy lives exercising and what not, they do enjoy a casual movie here and there. Though they differ in what types of TV and movies they prefer, with Nike fans preferring sitcoms and Dr. Marten fans preferring TV documentaries, both groups are more likely to go to the movies at least once a month.

So there you have it. As the infamous Carrie Bradshaw says, “You can never have too many pairs of shoes.” So why not add some extra pairs to your repertoire?