Full Report URL: http://civicscience.com/lgbtq

After months of aggregating and analyzing the first population-based data of its kind, we have finally released our first report about LGBTQ folks in the U.S.

Here’s a small bit of background:

Around March 2017, after an instrumental announcement from the U.S. Census Bureau, CivicScience began its own initiative to collect large-scale data about LGBTQ Americans.

Historically, this community has been incredibly difficult to study due to traditional survey limitations and small-scale datasets. The resulting data, therefore, are usually derived from a sample of respondents in a given location or scenario, rather than data that are representative of the LGBTQ population at-large. Additionally, many survey techniques used in large-scale surveys dissuade LGBTQ respondents from participating or answering honestly.

This de facto data, although skewed, has immense implications for advocates, policy-makers, brands, and yes, even the community itself, as lack of hard data can sometimes purport a slanted narrative about the population’s size, or even about its very existence.

Due to the scale and anonymity of our unique polling platform and methodology, we felt (and continue to feel) uniquely equipped to fill these gaps.

In this report, we detail the LGBTQ community’s habits as consumers, as employees, and most importantly, as people.

What are we seeing?

Well, did you know that 13% of Millennials identify as LGBTQ, or that LGBTQ adults are 40% more likely than the general population to write positive reviews for products and brands they like? Or how about the fact that LGBTQ adults are over 40% more likely to use Snapchat, and much more likely to have student debt and to think that the economy is going to worsen in the next six months?

This report holds insights for everybody, and we are sincerely excited to share them with you.

So, go take a look.