This week, COVID cases continue to surge across the country. Overall concern about being in public spaces remains high this week at 71%.

Concern about the Omicron variant continues to climb (77%), surpassing concern over the Delta variant by 5 percentage points this week. 

Unsurprisingly, the percentage of adults who personally know someone who tested positive recently continues to rise, reaching 64% this week.

About 40% of U.S. adults think it wouldn’t be the worst thing to contract COVID. About a quarter say they’d rather catch it sooner rather than later so they “can get it over with”. 

Younger adults are less likely to care strongly about steering clear of COVID, with only 29% of those 18-29 doing everything they can to avoid it. 

​​Hospitals being overwhelmed is the top concern among U.S. adults when it comes to the most recent surge in COVID cases, followed by concerns over safety. 

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