If first impressions can only be made once, then it makes sense that an attractive smile is a priority for many. However, since the majority of people are not born with perfect teeth, the orthodontics industry is playing a growing role in healthcare, so individuals can look and feel their most confident. One of the more recent additions to orthodontics is SmileDirectClub, a company that provides clear aligners for adults seeking to straighten their teeth without turning to traditional braces. 

With hundreds of CVS Smile Shops–offering SmileDirectClub in person–opening this year, CivicScience asked more than 2,000 U.S. adults about their experience and interest in this innovative teeth-aligning option. 

As the data show, just 7% have already used or intend to use the product, which means there is plenty of untapped potential as SmileDirectClub grows its brick-and-mortar presence within select CVS locations. 

When specifically asked about interest in purchasing SmileDirectClub from a local CVS, a small but mighty contingent was already on board. 

Though those with the most interest tend to be younger, awareness about SmileDirectClub is lowest among them as well.

This makes sense, as these years may be the time in an individual’s life when they have the most opportunity to think about adjusting their teeth–a transformational time for career and personal life, before bigger financial responsibilities, like children and homeownership, take center stage.   

The data holds even when respondents are asked about their interest in going into a CVS location to make the purchase, suggesting that interest in the SmileDirectClub aligners can expand beyond the perceived convenience of purchasing them online. 

Growing Favorability 

As it stands, 14% of those who consider CVS their preferred drugstore are also interested in buying SmileDirectClub aligners there. And good news for CVS, bad news for Rite Aid: Rite Aid fans are the most interested in going to CVS to shop these aligners.

And when asked about favorability towards CVS, the data reveal that those who are both favorable and neutral to the store are willing to stop in for their SmileDirectClub aligners. 

This is good news, especially as it suggests that favorability and usage could extend beyond those who already actively approve of CVS. 

A Digital Trend 

Given the fact that SmileDirectClub’s demographic has been primarily digital, it may not be especially surprising to learn that frequent online shoppers are the most interested in using SmileDirectClub’s invisible aligners. However, again, this group is the least likely to be aware of the brand. There’s room for growth.

What is surprising is that even some online shoppers will ditch their devices and go into a local CVS to get their SmileDirectClub purchase. 

While the debut of SmileDirectClub into CVS stores across the country is still relatively new, the collaboration holds ample potential to appeal to loyal CVS customers and tech savvy young professionals, who may already have an interest in a more convenient way to straighten their smile.