Most Netflix accounts are shared by multiple members of a household, according to a CivicScience study of more than 3,600 U.S. adult respondents. In fact, it’s rare that someone is the only individual user in their household (18% of respondents.) 

Of those who live in homes that subscribe to Netflix, 40% have 2+ other people sharing a Netflix account. 

Those aged 25-34 are the most open about using the streaming account of someone outside of their home, with 26% reporting that they currently do this. Gen Z, on the other hand, are the most private, with 16% responding that they “prefer not to say” what their streaming service sharing history has been. 

It’s worth noting that although sharing streaming services is higher amongst those 25-34, income does not seem to play a role, with 15% of both low income and high-income respondents currently using a service paid for by someone outside of their home. 

Genre, however, does matter. As the data show, action is the biggest draw for those currently using a streaming account, while comedy was the most popular for those who shared their accounts in the past. 

Ultimately, streaming service subscriptions and sharing those subscriptions with one or more people are both on the rise, with action content carrying the potential to bring the most eyes.