It is nearly impossible for the busiest and hardest-working among us to influence the things we care about. Political and policy decisions are dictated by people who still talk to pollsters on their land-phones or spend an hour trudging through online surveys. Companies, meanwhile, base critical decisions on the most vocal users of social media or people willing to sit through focus groups for $20.

As a result, some of the most important issues — things like the food sold to your kids, the television shows you get to watch, the new fashions you get to wear, and the policy decisions of your elected leaders —  are driven by a group of people that most likely think or believe nothing like you.

But what if technology could help us share our opinions with the decision-makers that matter in just a few seconds every day? Couldn’t we all find the time to answer a single daily question, maybe on a mobile phone while we wait for an elevator, on our favorite website while we read the news, on Facebook while we chat with friends, or even on a television receiver while we watch a commercial?

At CIVICSCIENCE, we wake up every day, thinking about how we can make it easier and more efficient for people to influence the things they care about. Over time, we can ask increasingly meaningful and relevant questions based on your views and interests. Not only will we will obsessively guarantee your privacy and anonymity, but we’ll make all of your answers available to you whenever you want them.

When you share an opinion with CIVICSCIENCE, we combine it with millions of other people who share your beliefs and deliver it to business and political leaders to help them serve you. We also make the world’s opinions accessible to you, so that you can be better informed. We learn only what you voluntarily share with us and you can delete your history at any time.

We make money by selling scientific reports about public opinion and consumer preference to organizations of all shapes and sizes.  Some of the world’s largest companies and powerful civic leaders look to CIVICSCIENCE for insights into what the world is thinking. Do you want them to hear you?