Sony recently announced two new gaming consoles  – the PS4 Slim (now available) and the PS4 Pro (available November 10th). The PS4 Pro is targeted towards serious gamers and has a higher price tag than the PS4 Slim. With the Pro’s release right before the holiday season, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the console on many gamers’ wish lists.

Since Sony still has some time to promote and market the PS4 Pro, we wanted to share some useful information on potential buyers.

13% of people want to buy a Sony PS4

As we can see, 13% of people are likely to purchase the PS4 Pro console.


I’m surprised gender isn’t skewed more. 54% of men are likely to purchase the new console while 46% of women are likely to purchase it. Maybe some of this is due to mothers purchasing the console for their children.

The potential buyers’ age skews younger. 51% don’t have children and 38% are parents, which is slightly more than the general population. Again, a majority of the parents are probably purchasing for their children, but some are probably players themselves.

Tech Usage & Shopping Habits

People who own or want a virtual reality product are more than 3x as likely to be in the market for the PS4 Pro. VR headsets typically enhance video game play, so it’s not surprising that those interested in VR are also interested in purchasing the PS4 Pro.

In a past post we looked into the potential PlayStation VR buyer. It seems like Sony plans to do some type of bundling of its VR headset and the new console, which could be very successful.

We also found people who own or want smart home automation products are also more likely to purchase the PS4 Pro. They are obviously consumers who are excited about technology and exhibit tech-savvy behaviors.

This group of potential PS4 Pro buyers is not likely to tell family and friends when they are happy with a product. Sony may have to spend more on advertising since its customers aren’t willing to spread the word among their peers.

Media Consumption

Those who are fans of TV dramas are more likely to purchase the PS4 Pro. Similarly, those in the market for the new gaming console are more likely to go to the movies at least once a month.

This group is also less likely to be influenced by TV ads. They are 64% more likely to be influenced by social media.

Likely buyers also say that social media influences their electronics purchases. Advertising on social media and getting big gaming commentators like PewDiePie or Cr1TiKal involved could be successful for the company. That being said, active Twitter users are more than twice as likelt to say they are likely to buy the console. A bit unexpected, but those likely to buy are more likely to actively use Pinterest.

Health & Dining

Over half of potential buyers eat most at fast food and fast casual restaurants. They are 88% more likely to eat at fast food restaurants and 90% more likely to eat at fast casual restaurants.

Those who are in the market for the new console are more likely to regularly search for recipes online. We saw social media may be a great way to reach potential buyers, but food blogs may be a good unconventional area for Sony to explore.

Charitable Giving

Another interesting, but random finding: people who volunteer at least once a week are more than twice as likely to answer they are interested in purchasing the new PlayStation. Potential buyers are also slightly more likely to donate to charities.

Since the console will be released around Christmas, it may be a good time for Sony to choose a charity to donate some of the console proceeds to. Or, it can give consumers the option to donate as they make their purchases. It could be a good way to build goodwill in the community and among the buyers and drum up interest from other potential buyers.

Sony already has a lot of momentum in the market, and it still has time to increase awareness and generate buzz before the new PlayStation launches.

Advertising on social media is one way to reach and influence the right crowd. Also, partnering with fast food companies, like the company did with Taco Bell, is a smart move. Getting involved with a charity also may not be a bad move either for the company. Overall, it looks like this may be a successful holiday season for Sony.