With the official start of spring just around the corner, we’re also entering the unofficial start of spring cleaning season. And according to CivicScience research, spring cleaning intent among U.S. adults is even stronger this year than it was in 2021. 

So who is the most ready to don their cleaning clothes and get their homes in tip-top shape? Adults aged 35-54 years old, those who are homeowners, and those who work in a physical office are the most likely to fit the bill. It’s somewhat surprising that those who are working at home, and therefore in their space more, are less likely to participate in spring cleaning. However, perhaps they are keeping up with cleaning more often than their office worker counterparts and don’t see the need to do a deep clean.

Price-sensitivity also plays a role, with those who have become more price sensitive in the last year also choosing to do more spring cleaning, now. Retailers and brands would be wise to take note. 

While the link is slight, there is also a correlation between stress and intent to clean. Those who have felt the most stressed–whether about rising prices or anything else, for that matter–are planning to do the most cleaning. This further strengthens the findings in a recent CivicScience study, where we outlined the connection between clutter and mental health. 

Outsourcing Decluttering

When it comes to cleaning or decluttering, you certainly don’t have to do it alone. In the past several years, there have been countless home organization services that have come onto the scene. And while the majority of Americans don’t have experience with them, among the 42% who have heard of these services, 13% have tried them, and 11% intend to give them a try. As further cross-comparison data show, those who are planning to skip the spring cleaning this year are also the most likely to try an organization service or to have already used one–perhaps to relieve some of the burden? 

Natural vs. Chemical-Based Cleaning Products

Of course, the products you use for cleaning are just as important as the organizational method you choose. And while 43% of U.S. adults use chemical-based cleaners more often, 41% use chemical and natural cleaners an equal amount, and 16% go all-natural, all the way. While consumers who solely use natural cleaning products are far from the majority, interest is still strong with more than 50% using them at least some of the time.

Further data reveal those who plan to do the most spring cleaning this season are also the most likely to be using natural cleaning products, either alone or in combination with chemical-based options. 

All of this begs the question– if spring cleaning intent is even stronger this year, and those who are spring cleaning are also using more natural-based cleaning products, will the world of natural cleaning supplies see a boom? It’s a trend worth watching.