June 22, 2018, is the 20th annual Take Your Dog to Work Day to raise awareness and funds to help encourage pet adoption. It’s also just nice to have a special day for humans to take their four-legged best friend to work.

Hi! My name is Wilson. I’m a Miniature Australian Shepherd. I may be only five months old, but I’m already a regular in the workplace. My human, John, is the CEO of CivicScience, which is pretty “arfsome.” Everyone who works there is too! When I get to the office, they all seem really glad to see me, and I can’t stop my tail from wagging. I don’t know who to greet first, I’m so excited! I guess that’s why I’m allowed to go to the office every Friday…it seems I make people feel HAPPY!

Since John’s company studies what humans really think about stuff every minute of the day, I’ve decided to be an ambassador for “Bring Your Dog to Work” … well, anytime, and provide some data-driven support for this cause. I guess it’s a little self-serving. Us dogs don’t really like when our humans go off and leave us for 8 or 10 hours a day. I mean it might not be so bad except we usually get in trouble for the stuff we do when left home alone that we think is fun, like chewing pillows and dumping potted plants and my favorite, running all over the house as fast as I can and slide across the floor to try to stop.

Yea sometimes it goes south, and something breaks. I digress.

With the help of one of my human friends, I thought we could take a look at dog people.  My friend pulled up this question…

Over half of the U.S. population prefer us canines! Guess we have some work to do on the other half.

26% are cat people. What are cats???? And, why does anyone choose them over dogs?

And, what’s with the 17% of people who choose neither? Why don’t you like us? I have so many questions now.

My CS friend showed me that we could see if there are any correlations between people who say they are dog people and happiness. It turns out, dog people are happier than cat people and people who are neither. (Do I even want to know what cats are?)

There’s more. Did you know that people who tell others about their favorite products are more likely to answer that they prefer dogs? Gee, I’d want to make sure and make fans of dog people. They are also more likely to drink clear spirits regularly, follow music trends, be married, own their own home, be fans of TV news and be men between 35-54 years old? This correlation stuff is doggone amazing. Sounds like someone I know pretty well!

Anyway, my human, John, seems to be much happier now that I’m around. He works really hard. Sometimes I have to bark to get his attention to take me out for a quick walk (if you know what I mean). But getting him away from in front of his computer for my little walk is good for him. It makes him whistle. I think that means he’s happy.

I have the same effect on most everyone. It seems like I have good timing when I walk over to see them. They get a big smile on their faces, and I get a nice pat on the head.

I knew this whole “Bring Your Dog to Work” idea was a good one! Thanks to the research done by my co-worker humans, I have the proof. I like working here!

So, on June 22nd, if at all possible, take us with you to the office. It might just be the happiest and most productive day ever!!! Seems like a no-brainer to me … dogs make more people happier. We all need more of that!