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The Vaping Trend May Be Going Up In Smoke

Image Credit: Photo by Eduardo Lempo from Pexels

Vaping has been on the downswing in the U.S. during the coronavirus pandemic, especially among young people and city-dwellers. 

The number of American adults (ages 21+) who report using e-cigarettes / vapes has declined from a high of 14% last summer to 11% this quarter.

It seems this decline is led by younger Americans. There’s been a substantial drop-off in the number of vape users ages 21-35 since 2019. Only 14% of these younger adults are now vaping, compared with 20% one year ago. Meanwhile, vaping use has held fairly steady among the 35 and older age group.

Vaping is also becoming less popular among urban Americans. Urban Americans were once substantially more likely than others to vape. Now, each sub-group has roughly equal rates of vaping.

While it might be too early to declare that the vaping trend has evaporated in the U.S., it certainly appears that things are drifting in that direction.

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