It’s hard to remember the last time one show proliferated our culture so deeply, but it’s also the first global pandemic of this kind in more than 100 years. An escape is necessary.

Netflix’s ‘Tiger King,’ which was brilliantly released at the start of most of our stay-at-home stints, has gotten the attention of nearly everyone (and has probably been brought up on your Zoom calls).

According to a CivicScience study of just over 2,700 respondents, 77% of the U.S. population 13+ is aware of the show ‘Tiger King.’ Among them, 19% have watched it with mostly good reviews, and another 15% plan to watch it.

What’s funny is that age is all over the map. This show doesn’t fully discriminate like other cultural phenomena do.

🐅 Those under 18 are just as unaware of the show as the 65+ group

🐯 Gen Z adults, followed by 25-29 year olds, are the most into the show

😸 People in their 30s and early 40s are most likely to have plans to watch the show

😻 However, all age groups have very similar intent numbers


Though everyone is escaping the current reality of the pandemic for that of Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin, and friends, it may not be all peachy keen. Those who have watched the show or plan to are less likely to report being ‘very happy’ than those who have never even heard of the show.

However, it’s not all bad. Those with no interest in watching (and maybe who some would say are no fun) are more likely to be unhappy than both other groups.


❗️Spoilers ahead: Carole Baskin’s first husband disappeared without a trace years ago and many in the big cat community speculate she was in on it (ie: fed him to the tigers) or knows what happened. It just so happens that 75% of people familiar with the show think she knows what happened to her late husband.

Of TK’s expansive cast, Joe Exotic, its main star, comes out as the favorite. But clearly we missed a beat with ‘Other’. 

As far as the charges against Exotic, people are split on if they are warranted.

Finally, it’s nice to see one thing Conservatives and Liberals somewhat agree on right now. Though Liberals are more likely to have watched it or want to, Conservatives aren’t that far behind. They do, however, happen to be the ones most likely to have never heard of the show. But again, the margins aren’t as drastic as we’re used to seeing these days.

Wherever you fall on the ‘Tiger King’ spectrum, we can all feel good knowing that we all came together during these trying times over big cats on Netflix.