By far the most scandalous political news in recent weeks was the report of President Trump ordering a $54 dry-aged steak, cooked well-done. The media, foodies, and hipsters on Twitter went berserk, to say nothing of their disgust over Trump’s decision to douse said steak in ketchup. At first glance, this felt like just another opportunity for the liberal establishment to paint the President as crude and unpopular. Indeed, CivicScience data tell us that only 12% of Americans prefer their steak cooked to the hilt – far from a yuge constituency.

But perhaps the entire affair – and its ‘convenient’ leak to the press – was all part of an ingenious ruse by the President to broaden his political base. Let me show you what I mean:

Here are the results to a question CivicScience posed to a representative sample of U.S. adults in the past few days:

As I already told you, if you were paying attention, “Well done” is the preferred order of a mere 12% of Americans and 13% of steak-eating Americans. If Trump was trying to curry favor with the largest number of steak lovers, he would have ordered his NY Strip medium-rare. But no, it looks like 45 had a dastardlier (yes, that’s a word) plan.

When we dig deeper into the demographics of our steak-loving respondents, guess who shares the President’s penchant for beef jerky, I mean, well-done steak? Old, white, rural Republican men, that’s who. At least I thought that would be the answer. Nope. I was way off.

Check this out:

First of all, 2/3 of well-done steak lovers are women. Second, 18-24 year olds over-indexed as well-done lovers more than any other age group. But that’s not all.

When we looked only at minorities, we found that 28% of Hispanics and a whopping 34% of African-Americans prefer their steaks well-done. In fact, 72% of our African-American respondents prefer their steak at least medium-well. They’re just like Trump!

If you’re wondering whether a well-done steak is the choice of ultra-elite billionaires like DJT, wonder no more. Our wealthiest respondents were the most likely to prefer their steaks cooked medium or medium rare. “Well-done” – surprise! – significantly over-indexed among our lower-household-income groups.

Lastly, guess which political partisans are more likely to prefer their steaks well-done. Democrats. In fact, Lefties are nearly 30% more likely than Republicans to cook their steaks to a crisp.

So there you have it. People who like their steaks well-done are young, female, minority, Democrats on the lower end of the income spectrum. And now they all have one critical thing in common with President Trump. Look for him to do much better with these voting blocs in 2020 now that the word is out. Nothing is more important than steak, right?