Among our recent media insights, we’ve found that CBS’ Kevin Can Wait seems to be a rising hit, and dramas are all the rage.

And TV premieres aren’t done yet. Networks will be rolling out many more shows in the coming month. Shows such as Arrow and The Flash, as well as American Housewife and Jane the Virgin, will be tackling issues of superhero, family, and teenage identity. Many more of these upcoming shows have hard-hitting plot lines and characters that mirror or even rebel against events in the real world.

I had to ask, do these shows just react to real-life events, or impact them as well? Of course I had my strong assumptions, but I wanted to see what the numbers had to say.

TV Shows have changed the opinions of 38% of people.

TV shows have changed the opinions of 38% people that we asked. That is only those who have admitted that their opinions have been changed, but there are most likely more among those who answered “I don’t know.”

Next, we looked into a more concrete dimension of TV influence.

45% of people have bought something that they saw on a TV Show

As you can see, 45% of people we asked have actively purchased something based on what they’ve seen on a TV show. The implication that we may be able to draw is that product placement works.

The overarching insight that we can derive is that TV Shows still hold a great deal of influence.

From the marketer to the TV network, TV shows provide valuable opportunities to illustrate products, messages and ideas that will reach a viewership that takes action on them. Though preferences for how people watch TV, and when, are consistently changing, the platform of TV shows remains valuable all the same.