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Webinar Archive: Profiling the Ad Blocking Consumer

Access the webinar slides presented on May 12, 2016

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What You'll See

In this compelling presentation, CivicScience CEO, John Dick, shares groundbreaking research on ad blocking consumers and how they differ from the general population. Entire segments of valuable consumers are being missed online, posing a greater risk to certain publishers and advertisers than others.

Webinar Topics:

  • Not all publishers or advertisers are being impacted equally. Find out which sites have a higher ad blocking rate.
  • How computer ad blockers differ from the general population.
  • How mobile ad blockers differ from the general population.
  • What we know about ad blockers’ media consumption, technology usage, political engagement, social media behaviors, and much more.
  • Which brands over-index and under-index in favorability among ad blockers.