This Wednesday, CivicScience will hold our next public webcast in which we invite attendees to check out the current consumer insights we have about digital device usage and “addiction” levels. Be sure to register in advance for it here.

Here’s a few “sneak peek” tidbits for you:

  • 51% of U.S. adults say they are at least somewhat addicted to their digital devices and almost 40% of U.S. consumers hardly ever “un-plug” from their personal digital devices for more than an hour or two.
  • It’s not only device usage and ownership that’s increasing, but mobile online banking is also becoming more popular along with product research on smartphones.
  • Perhaps not big surprise is that age is a major proxy for many differences found among U.S. adults who are device addicts vs. all U.S. adults.
  • Device usage permeates nearly all aspects of device addicts’ lives: TV viewing, socializing, making purchasing decisions, and managing personal finances are just a few areas we highlight.
  • Millennial device addicts are less likely than older generation addicts to be early adopters of new brands and products, and may be doing more research before purchase decisions. Their purchases are influenced by social media chatter and online reviews.

In the webinar, we will go more in depth on digital device usage rates and trends and provide more detailed insights on digital device addicts – how they compare to the general population, how Millennial device addicts compare to older generations, and what the findings mean for Consumer Insights and Marketing teams.

Given device addicts’ online presence, there’s a large opportunity for marketers and advertisers to reach these plugged-in consumers. They just need the right information and a more holistic view of digital device addicts to learn more about their habits, behaviors, and psychographics.

Learn more by attending our webinar on August 19, 2015: “Digital Device Addicts – A Holistic View for Marketers.”