With today marking the official beginning of the 2024 primary season in the Iowa Caucuses, where do American voters stand on the top issues, and how do they feel about the presidential election in general? CivicScience’s extensive tracking and forecasting report provides ongoing insights about U.S. consumers as the 2024 presidential election approaches, exploring how the political climate and election news are impacting their well-being, outlook on the economy, purchasing decisions, and much more.

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1. Political Issues That Matter to Voters

Updated CivicScience tracking of political issues rated the ‘most important’ to Americans reveals the ‘healthcare system’ is the top issue for the plurality (43%) of U.S. adults. ‘Terrorism/national security’ (35.2%) and ‘immigration’ (34%) round out Gen Pop’s key issues for the 2024 election as of December  – issues which sit at the forefront of Congress’ agenda to finalize a deal to avert a partial government shutdown on January 19.

As expected, priorities diverge significantly based on party affiliations. Notably, immigration takes center stage for nearly half of Republicans, 27.1 percentage points higher than Democrats who feel the same. Conversely, Democrats and Independents find common ground on the healthcare system, with both groups at least 9.6 percentage points more likely to prioritize it than their Republican counterparts.

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2. If the Election Were Held Today…

The 2024 presidential election is now under 300 days away, and although the final ballot has yet to be determined, the most probable outcome appears to be a 2020 rematch between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. When asked who they would vote for today in such a scenario, 1-in-5 Americans are uncertain of their vote or may not vote at all.

3. Most Americans Plan to Vote in the Primaries

Although the primary season begins tonight with a narrowing primary field, in which former President Donald Trump is the favorite, questions remain. The Supreme Court’s decision on Trump’s ballot eligibility in states like Colorado and Maine carries nationwide implications if they rule in favor of Colorado and his removal – CivicScience found previously that half of Americans support his removal from the ballot.

With this in mind, two-thirds of adults plan to vote in the upcoming primaries. Republican primary voting intent has dipped by two points since November, while Democratic plans increased by one point. Just under a third don’t intend to vote in either party’s primary.

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