For many, Black Friday kicks off the Holiday shopping frenzy. Something about the combination of amazing deals, the rush of crowds and the desire to get away from the extended family invading your home makes the Friday after Thanksgiving feel like an ideal time to shop.

In recent years, Black Friday has taken a cue from Cyber Monday and encouraged customers to shop online.

Is the at-home online shopper significantly different from the in-store Black Friday deal fanatic?

Black Friday Shoppers

19% of shoppers will find their Black Friday deals online, making them the largest group participating in the day after Thanksgiving deals.

The online shopper has eerily similar habits to the in-store shopper. Both groups are tech-savvy early adopters that make choices based on social media influence. They want home automation products and own or want a wireless speaker system.

However, there’s one large difference between these groups:  In-store shoppers are less likely to search for deals than online shoppers.

Those who shop online on Black Friday are more than twice as likely to research online reviews before making a purchase. They are also more likely to showroom across multiple websites.

They aren’t just interested in buying new technology–they want to know they’re getting it for the best price. For these shoppers, it’s not as much about the experience of Black Friday. For them, it’s just a day with good sales.

When comparing Black Friday shopping with the reasons why people like holiday shopping, a clearer picture emerged. In-store Black Friday shoppers are more likely to enjoy aspects of the experience beyond the deals.

On the other hand, online Black Friday shoppers are more likely to dislike all aspects of holiday shopping in stores. No surprises there.

Both online and in-store shoppers are looking for deals. But, people in the stores are more likely to see the experience as a holiday tradition, not just a time for inexpensive tech.