According to a WSJ report, Walmart is considering acquiring the smart TV brand Vizio in an effort to compete with Amazon in the advertising space. The potential $2 billion deal could be a favorable move for Walmart, given Vizio is the best-selling TV brand for the big-box retailer, and it would give Walmart more ad placements to sell.

While a decision is still in the works, CivicScience data points out that this acquisition would be a great opportunity for Walmart. Vizio ownership over-indexes among Walmart+ and Sam’s Club members (Walmart’s chain), with 27% owning a Vizio TV. 

CivicScience data also shows an LG partnership or acquisition would be even better. Twenty-seven percent of Walmart+ customers and 32% of Walmart+ intenders own an LG brand smart TV. Plus, 31% of Sam’s Club members own one. 

Overall, acquiring Vizio is a smart move for Walmart, given their customers over-index as Vizio owners. While an LG partnership may offer stronger potential, the acquisition price could possibly be too steep even for a brand like Walmart. 

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