Happy Saturday, everyone. Here are a few interesting things I saw this week:

While grieving over the beat-down my beloved Steelers took last Sunday, I started looking at some data about football – particularly the sport’s perception among parents. I’ll share a more substantive study next week, but a few things surprised me so far.

First, young parents are much more likely than older ones to say they would let their kids play football, despite greater awareness about head injuries. However, when asked which sports they would choose for their kids to play professionally, football (at 8%) comes in a distant fourth, behind baseball (34%), soccer (14%), and basketball (12%).

Start looking for the term “sustainable” on a label near you. Though not yet a regulatory designation, the term “sustainable” has quickly surpassed words like “organic” or “GMO-free” as the go-to buzzword for food shoppers. Check it out.

The vast majority of consumers want their favorite companies to stay out of politics. We asked 2,000 people whether companies should comment publicly on politics or political issues – 67% said ‘No’ and only 14% said ‘Yes.’ But, when we analyzed the results among customers of about 250 U.S. brands, it turned out that some companies should be more inclined than others. Look for a deeper dive on this in the coming weeks.

The better the grades you had in college, the more likely you are to be miserable at work. Recent college grad, Jordan, studied the correlation between an individuals’ college GPA and their self-reported happiness in their current job. People who had a 3.6 GPA or higher were nearly 2X more likely than anyone else to say they are “Very Unhappy” in their current job. What does this tell us? I’m not one to judge. Let’s just say, I went to one of the world’s greatest party schools. And I absolutely LOVE my job.

On that note. Have an awesome weekend.