Most Americans (66%) were fans of the Super Bowl halftime show put on by J. Lo and Shakira, and it was hard to miss the memes on Twitter in (mostly) adoration of their performances. 

Women in particular were favorable of the duo’s show, but really, favorability was there from both men (47%) and women (53%).

As you may figure, politics affects just about every opinion out there. And yes, even feelings on the Big Game’s halftime entertainment. Those who consider themselves politically conservative over-index in being unfavorable to the halftime show, while liberals and moderates were more likely to enjoy the halftime performance.

Despite the overall appreciation among Americans, some took to social media indicating the Super Bowl Halftime show this year was not family-friendly in nature. When polling the public who watched the show, only 29% thought it was family-friendly, while an overwhelming 67% said no way.

Wherever you stand on the quality, likability, or appropriateness of the halftime performance, the show no doubt created a buzz that hadn’t been seen in years.