Banana Republic targets working men and women who have a higher income. Specifically, the store attracts more female shoppers who enjoy watching drama movies and who describe the national economy as good. Now let’s take a look at 10 interesting qualities and opinions of the Banana Republic shopper:

  1. They are 185% more likely to be a jogger or runner.
  2. Banana Republic shoppers are 160% more likely to say Jimmy Kimmel is their favorite late night network TV talk show host.
  3. They are 103% more likely than others to say they are very loyal to their favorite brands.
  4. Banana Republic fans are 127% more likely to believe that Apple products are worth the price you pay.
  5. They are 16% less likely to consider themselves overweight.
  6. Banana Republic shoppers are 126% more likely to read tech blogs or websites daily.
  7. They are 53% more likely to like the youth charity Big Brothers Big Sisters best among others.
  8. They are 37% more likely to pay for their full health insurance costs themselves.
  9. They are 174% more likely to closely follow the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).
  10. Banana Republic shoppers are 53% more likely to post comments on Facebook or Twitter because they think it improves their image among their friends.